11 August, 2022

Texas school shooting leaves four injured

Timothy George Sinskings, of 18 years, He faces multiple charges for causing a shooting at his school injuring four people. Image taken from Arlington Police Department social media, Texas.
By Maria T. Morales

Texas, U.S – Four wounded, among them a teacher in a state of pregnancy, is the result of a shooting in Texas, happened in less than a week, in a state where to get a gun, no permission needed, Professional training, no psychological evaluation.

Timberview High School students in the City of Arlington, experienced moments of panic when one of their companions, identified as Timothy Sinskings shot after altercation with other students, according to the first details released by the authorities.

Photo: Courtesy.

Simskings fled the school for his residence after the shooting, and later on, accompanied by your defense attorney, surrendered to a SWATT platoon.
The authorities still have no answer to the insistent question of the parents of "how is it possible that the student entered the school with a firearm".

About a thousand 700 students are part of said school, and all had to be evacuated to a safe place where the parents picked them up safe and sound.

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Meanwhile, Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, Through his Twitter account he showed solidarity with those affected and congratulated the law enforcement agencies for the quick response.

Likewise, offered help to the mayor of the city of Arlington to stop the violence and, bring criminals to justice.

The local president has been in the eye of the hurricane since, a controversial gun possession law recently came into effect, that he approved, which allows anyone, greater than 21 years, carry handguns, no license or training required.

This is the second recorded shooting in Texas, in less than a week. Hundreds criticized Abbott through social media, for softening the law to access weapons.

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