26 January, 2023

time with the children

It is important for parents to spend quality time with their children.. Photo: Courtesy.

By Dra. Margaret Burgos
There are times, and more and more often, we are not enough 24 hours of the day to do everything we want and/or should. Work consumes most of our time, and more if you have to work overtime. Traffic takes life away from us and unnecessary and unproductive meetings consume valuable minutes as well as our precious patience..
All that, plus the time set aside to watch the series that has us trapped, the hour in the gym or what we spend watching social networks gives us a significant deficit. There our day goes by without realizing that we have not dedicated time to be with our children.
Of course it's hard to find time to spend with them, But not impossible. Many parents don't really like being with their children., especially men. But nevertheless, is key to learning to build relationships with other people.
I remember that I had to work to keep my family afloat, but I was fortunate to have a home and office in the same place, which allowed me to see them at any free moment I had. I also put a phone just for them and called them from the office, so that they always felt me ​​present.
as a mother, on saturdays i took them to the movies, since the father did not like it. We watched children's movies and enjoyed as a whole family afterwards. I remember so many times I would run out of the office even when people wouldn't let me., as they kept asking questions in the waiting room.
They were my great moments, the same as going to La Palma. Already older and on vacation
long, I preferred to start making them travel and that is how they even learned other languages ​​such as French and some German.
It is important that children feel the commitment of parents. I had an employee to whom I put in writing everything that had to be done. That included fortnightly menus so they wouldn't get bored. There were nights of pupusas and brownies every fortnight, and we almost always did it on the terrace with joy and trying to play beautiful music that they liked, like the ” Titanic” and talking about news and letting them comment.
It is not bad to schedule many activities, especially if the parents are very busy, but they have to be activities that they like. It is also good to exchange routine things with other surprises. Sometimes it's about improvising and giving surprises... I was also lucky to have good friends who took them away on long weekends when I had to work..
In most cases, the family time that is shared is little, and above is not always quality. That is to say, the little time that is shared is not used. Instead of using that space to educate them and dialogue, usually only talk about banalities.
In that sense, statistics may be deceiving. Newly published research concludes that mothers and fathers in the US. THE. today spend at least as many hours a week caring for their children as parents did four decades ago, during an era that, in the popular imagination, it was a golden age of family togetherness. But nevertheless, quantity of time does not equal quality, and currently there are more distracting elements that conspire in the fluidity of the family relationship, beyond being together.
One of the consequences of spending little time with the family is not feeling true love., In addition to generating a huge vacuum. For worse, bad friends will come who will fill those spaces and those talks, but in a bad way. It will also cause us to form lonely beings with low self-esteem.. Of course there are children who are more sociable than others., but socialization and sharing with the family is essential to raise self-esteem and better cope with group pressure.