30 September, 2022

Texas ends quarantine today

By María Teresa Morales

Limitations are minimal, as of today and the authorities ask for caution from the population while representatives of the Democratic Party described the measure as "a black day for Texas".

The reopening of shopping centers, restaurants and even movie theaters, under certain restrictions it comes to give a breather to a part of the population that does not agree to remain in quarantine any longer.

While others, they have taken the measure with great caution, and they prefer to stay home, without receiving visitors and leaving only for food, medicines or another need like going to the bank.

No, nevertheless, the film industry, will remain paralyzed, and it is feared that the wait for the cinephile public will end until July.

Texas, aligned, since two weeks, with the plan to reopen commercial activities, established by President Donald Trump, begins to induce the population to resume their normal routine.

Reopening move not frowned upon by Texas congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee, who said that "we are not ready" to open even, and that you should wait longer for everyone's safety.

Although restrictions have been enacted to ensure that the numbers of those infected by the pandemic do not increase, the congresswoman believes that you should be more responsible.

While, Silvester Turner, mayor of the city of houston, expressed that it should be taken into account that in shopping malls only one 25% of the total allowed capacity.

The public must respect two feet of social distance; also, the mandatory use of face masks or masks is maintained.

Most restaurants must comply with this same measure of the 25% of its total capacity.

Representatives of small businesses such as restaurants have redoubled hygiene measures to protect customers and their employees.

Protectors like showcases in front of cash registers, gel alcohol to wash your hands before entering the premises, as well as signs announcing the mandatory use of masks have become part of welcoming customers.

Gym franchise owners, beauty rooms, hairdressers, Massage parlors and tattoo shops will still be closed until further notice.

While, Beaches, national parks and other recreational centers were opened two weeks ago.

Other small and medium-sized businesses, considered non-essential, await new announcements from Governor Gregg Abbott, who has expressed interest in listening to health experts, before making decisions regarding the total reopening of economic activities in the region.

Local authorities have emphasized that commercial transactions should continue to be promoted online, home delivery through regular mail and payments only with credit cards.

This in order to guarantee the measure of social distancing, one of the weapons m;They are effective in controlling the spread of the pandemic that, in Texas has already charged a total of 782 lifes, 28 thousand 807 confirmed cases and 13 thousand 313 recovered.