17 August, 2022
Photo: Courtesy.

Maria T. Morales

While Kamala Harris contradicts herself by calling on immigrants not to come to the United States and, at the same time ensuring that the nation should be a sanctuary for those fleeing violence in their countries, Greg Abbot, governor of Texas, threatens to build its own wall in the border area with Mexico.

Abbot, one of former President Donald Trump's "favorite" state officials, he stated, in the framework of the border security summit in Del Rio, Texas, who will spend a billion dollars to secure the border.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, accused the federal government of doing nothing to stop the crisis on the southern border. Photo: Courtesy.

Abbot's plan lays out eight points to curb irregular immigration, among those, the creation of a special border security team and the issuance of a disaster declaration that allows the arrest of anyone who enters Texas illegally.

Likewise, said he is seeking financial support, even from the federal government to strengthen the security team in the border area, Abott said. "We will arrest more people in the future so we will need more coolers", He said, in reference to the places where the detainees are sent by the border patrol. https://twitter.com/GregAbbott_TX/status/1403171923618680833?s=08

In these detention centers there are no beds and the cold is extreme, as they have repeatedly denounced, representatives of humanitarian organizations and defenders of migrants.

Supported and criticized, through their social networks, especially Twitter, the state president also boasted of, according to him, have an unprecedented response in the fight to stop immigration.

Day by day, the southern border area was always in the eye of the hurricane, but since the beginning of the year, has become the symbol of an unprecedented human tragedy due to the increase in immigrants, especially whole families with minor children in their arms who seek, desperate to move to the United States after a long and painful journey.

Some achieve the task, but many have lost their lives in the attempt to reach the land that they saw with eyes of hope for a better tomorrow.