Texas reopens parks and tourist sites amid pandemic

By Maria Teresa Perez

Some 52 state parks, historical sites and forest reserves, among other recreational sites, located throughout the state of Texas, were open to the public on Tuesday, after being closed since the first week of April in compliance with the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the use of masks or face masks will no longer be mandatory in the state on Friday, in the parks, its use is regulated by law.

According to authorities, no more than five people will be allowed together, Visitors to these parks must keep a six foot distance, plus, They must call the administration of the place to reserve a day in advance for their visit.

The action of gradually opening the activity in the state also reaches, to small businesses, hospitals, dental and health clinics. Authorities expect people to follow social distancing recommendations, wearing face masks, shopping for takeout, pay online and use gloves for employees, according to the decree issued by Governor Gregg Abbott.

President Donald Trump gave the green light last week, when he announced that the governors will take responsibility for, Stepwise, and in three phases, reopen the economic activities of each state, respectively.

But also, in Texas and other states sympathetic to President Trump, held protests to pressure governors to reopen business activities and for citizens to return to their jobs.

Amid controversy and criticism from some analysts, who consider that there is a lack of leadership and organization on the part of the president and his collaborators, the nation prepares to resume routine or normality, cuando el COVID-19 cobró más 40 thousand 400 lives and achieved contagions of more than 755 thousand 500 people across the country.

"We have worked diligently, in coordination with local communities around Texas, to help safeguard our visitors, workers and volunteers ”said Carter Smith, executive director of the national park and wildlife system.

For more information, authorities recommend visiting the page www.texasstateparks.org or call 512-389-9800.

Back to the routine, residents respond

Protection of the family, wait until next month, be patient, safety and health comes first, fueron algunas de las respuestas de las personas a la pregunta si ¿ya está listo para salir al parque? in light of the reopening of parks in Texas.

Mercy Agbayani, a person who enjoys walking, picnics and even parties in parks, told Voice of Diaspora that for now, she doesn't feel very comfortable, nor confident; since for her, protecting your family is paramount. "I will wait until May, because it is very risky at the moment ", answered.

Astrid Pineda, residente en el área de Houston, dijo “me siento más segura en casa, I am not in a hurry to return to my normal life. Es más valiosa mi vida y la de mis seres queridos”.

Susana Zepeda, another mother, expressed "I do not agree (open parks) porque la seguridad está antes que cualquier cosa”.

Meanwhile, Ernesto Torres, dijo que “hay cosas con más prioridad que otras; life comes first and there is always something to do even if we are at home ”.

Not all the answers were against, para Mario Martínez “el encierro indefinido crea otros problemas”.

About, in some states of the american union there have been protests against the confinement, since many of them are freelancers or are not considered essential employees, for which they receive no salary.

further, those citizens, quienes ganan más de $75 thousand dollars annually, will not receive economic relief from the government, and they will not be able to benefit from food stamps or other benefits that subsidize basic necessities..