Texas plans new health measures with the aim of resuming activities in the State

María Teresa Pérez, Texas

Since last friday, Texas continues to develop phase one of the pandemic to gradually reopen more activities in the State, after giving the green light to reopen parks and tourist sites.

The first mandatory measures, are wearing masks, hand washing and social distancing. Those who do not comply with the use of a mask, could be fined $1,000.

Almost a week after the authorities give the go-ahead to reopen the parks in and around Houston; as well as, the closing of classes at all levels, residents expect governor to announce barbershops, beauty salons and even movie theaters, can resume their activities.

But nevertheless, the same official expressed that to open movie theaters and restaurants, they will listen, First, the advice of health experts. Well, even with the measures taken, Texas registers more than 21,000 infections and some 543 deceased.

While some dare to accelerate the revival of the economy, others, more cautious, they face the protest groups, who press for the authorities to end the quarantine.

Nationwide, statistics indicate that the country has 889,568 infected; recovered: 81,792 and some 50,177 deaths, product of the pandemic.

The use of masks, as mandatory from next week, It is one of the first measures that could be vital to keep the Covid-19 virus under control., or at least, reduce infections, this added to the campaign to carry out the test in the most affected communities.

Experts have said that the wisest course is to wait at least until May, to determine whether or not to reopen economic activities in the nation.