Texas will not be impacted by Barry

By Maria Teresa Perez

Barry, officially formed in the northern Gulf of Mexico, as a tropical storm, might  hit the coast of Louisiana this weekend, as hurricane, They warned the authorities.

Barry storm that threatened to impact Texas, specifically the city of Houston, It has deviated. Force of nature, Louisiana would impact, officials said the National Hurricane Center US.

Louisiana, which is already flooded, wait until 18 inches of rain for Saturday, so the Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency.

Barry is the second tropical storm that has been reported during hurricane season 2019. The first was Alvin, which it was formed at the end of June, while major impacts.

Homeland Security officials and emergency management remain constantly alert, since the hurricane season is just beginning.

City Beach Galveston, Texas, where the arrival of Hurricane Barry Category expected 1. Galveston, TX, USA. Friday, July 12. 2019. (VD Photo / Alex Sanabria).