Texas will fine $1,000 to those who do not wear a mask

By Maria Teresa Perez, Texas

Since Friday, some 4,500,000 persons residing in the State of Texas, must obey the order to wear masks or receive a fine of $1,000. This is one of the measures that the state authorities took before the reopening of some activities.

Violation of this measure, that the Police Union in Houston did not fall in favor, will be considered as a misdemeanor, but excludes all children under 10 years.

The population has two options: pay the fine or wear a mask in public, This was stated by Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Executive Judge and Administrator.

Meanwhile, the Association of Police Officers, questioned about who will be responsible for applying the fine when this measure is violated. Through a statement, the Syndicate described the order as "idiotic" and "possibly unconstitutional".

"It is not a please, it is a we must do it ”said judge Hidalgo, when questioned about the discontent of the unionists.

The police called to act with discretion, since they are not only risking their lives for being front-line personnel attending to the pandemic; but also, they are currently facing an increase in the rate of some crimes.

This week, the county reported that at least 151 sheriff's office employees tested positive for the disease; while, some 181 Those who were in the same situation recently returned to their jobs..

Houston and surrounding areas record 7, 812 persons infected, 2, 070 recovered and 157 deaths. And around 20, 196 infected, 6,486 recovered and 517 deaths are recorded in Texas.

The measure that requires Texas residents to wear a mask, while they are on the streets or in establishments it will be kept until 27 of May.