Texas Code Red by COVID-19

Reopening reverses; hospitals at their maximum capacity, While, part of the population has relaxed prevention measures reaching 40 thousand 588 new cases of contagion, nationwide, only in the last 24 hours.

By Maria T. Morales

While Gregg Abbott, Governor of Texas, forced to close bars again, and reduce restaurant capacity, as well as cancellation of surgeries not related to COVID-19; local authorities in Houston, make sure they have enough beds in the world's largest hospital network.

Lina Hidalgo, Harris county chief, recommended, again, ‘’ Stay home ’’ in the face of the uncontrolled COVID-19 pandemic in cities like Houston, Dallas and surrounding areas.

During the last 24 hours, Texas reached 5 thousand 996 persons infected, so the total figure came a 131 thousand 917 affected.

Likewise, passed away, in the same period 47 people, arriving to 2 thousand 296 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

At least, 12 state, among those Texas, Florida and Arizona, of the first states to gradually reopen the economy, less than two months ago, they see today, forced to take a step back before the uncontrolled level of infections.

Silvester Turner, mayor of the city of houston, made a call to the population to keep all preventive measures, and thus avoid more fatalities, before the imminent fury of the pandemic that, nationwide it has claimed the lives of 124 thousand 325 people.

While, Samuel Pena, head of the Houston Fire Department, said the situation is similar to a domino aspect.

At the moment, 80 firefighters have been isolated due to contagion, so he urged the population to avoid exposing themselves.

Going from one of the states with less than contagions and dead, Texas has passed, In a blink of an eye, to be called, the epicenter of the pandemic nationwide.

The American Union Records 2 millions 414 thousand 870 cases. Of these, 40 thousand 588 are infections that occurred during the last 24 hours, reported the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

"We have, at least three weeks, before reaching a chaotic situation ”, Lina Hidalgo stated, Harris County Judge.