Texas on alert for storm threat Cristóbal

By Maria T. Morales, Houston

Christopher moves slow, but this weekend it is possible to increase its speed and increase both the rains and the winds on the east coast of Texas, This is how the authorities of the National Hurricane Center warned.

Las autoridades además emitieron el domingo una advertencia sobre la depresión tropical Cristóbal para el Atlántico Norte, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

This means that heavy rains and floods will continue in Mexico and Central America., details the latest update of the official report of said meteorological authority.

Cristobal, declared, officially as the first tropical storm of the hurricane season that just started on June 1, and that will last until November, has left death and destruction in Central America.

This natural phenomenon maintains maximum sustained winds of 35 kilometers per hour. Cristóbal's process must be monitored, along the north coast of the gulf of Mexico, since there could be a storm surge in the area.

Gradual Strengthening Forecasted Again, as soon as the system moves over the southern Gulf of Mexico¨