Texas Decreases Mandatory Mask Use Until End of August

By Maria T. Morales

Houston, Texas. After maintaining a stretch and shrink with local leaders such as mayors and county chiefs, Finally, Gregg Abbott, governor of Texas, declared the use of facemasks mandatory throughout the state, as a result of the unstoppable rise in infections by COVID-19.

Starting Thursday, Although there will be no prison for those who violate such a measure, the official declared yes, Fines of $ 250 will be imposed.

The numbers of infected, this week nationwide went up to 2 millions 679 thousand 230. Texas states, Florida and Arizona, are among those who have reported the most increase in cases, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, for its acronym in English.

Of this figure, have passed away, throughout the american union, a total of 128 thousand 24. Of these, 725 they passed away this week.

The total number of infections indicates a rate of 817.4 cases by 100 thousand inhabitants, according to official data.

These alarming data have caused, in the last days, that the demand for the COVID-19 test has skyrocketed, especially in texas.

Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, one of the most populous by Hispanics in Texas, stated that hospitals exceeded their capacity in intensive care units.

While, experts urged the population, to continue constant hand washing, use of alcohol gel, as well as the social distancing of six feet.

further, the use of masks, the authorities have already closed bars, and they asked restaurants, reduce to 25% the installed capacity of diners.

Currently restaurants occupy the 50%, so reducing is just a suggestion, Sylvester Turner said, mayor of Houston.