27 September, 2022

Texas authorizes weddings and receptions beginning on 18 of May

Signs posted on Texas businesses.
By María Teresa Moráles

Under rigorous and strict hygiene and sanitation measures, since this weekend beauty salons were reopened, Texas spa and reception rooms.

Little by little, the State gives the green light for non-essential businesses to resume their activities., to reactivate the Texan economy. The 18 of May, gyms will be opened.

One of the measures that all these businesses should have is the mandatory use of gloves, that completely cover the fingers.

Although the churches are already open, the restrictions remain. Hand washing with alcohol gel, the mask, as well as the six-foot spacing remains a priority.

further, people from 65 years or older, the authorities recommend that they preferably avoid going out and stay at home.

Gregg Abbott's announcement, State governor, came to breathe, especially to small business owners who since mid-March were forced to close operations due to quarantine restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19.

This weekend is the week in which activities are resumed and businesses are reopened, coincides with the celebration of Mother's Day. Many businesses expect to receive no more than 25% of the allowed capacity.

Some 33 Recommended minimum health protocols for Texas have been established by the Governor, throughout the process of reopening economic activities in the region.

Among the most common restrictions are six-foot spacing, label compliance when coughing and wearing face masks.

For nail and beauty salons, one of the rules is not to allow children or other companions. Mostly, Hairdressers must attend clients by appointment.

In the case of reception rooms, the tables cannot be occupied by more than six diners. Likewise, all props must be disposable and the buffet service must wait.

In some food and childcare businesses, they reserve the right of admission in the event that the person ends up with more than 98.5 degree temperature.