Texans will be able to buy and carry weapons without the need for a license

Photo: Courtesy.

By Maria T. Morales

While President Joe Biden, qualifies as an epidemic, the rising wave of violence and shootings in the United States, Texas passes a controversial law that allows every citizen, adult, carry weapons without a license and without any filter.

From next September, in the state of Texas, all person older than 21 years, will be free to buy and carry weapons with the naked eye and, without having undergone an instruction or exam.
In this way, Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, adds to 21 more states where allowed, to any citizen, carry handguns without the need for a license, and in any public space.

One of the arguments of the promoters of this law is that citizens need to feel safe and protect their property or belongings.
Armed Violence File, a non-profit organization registers, from January to date 279 nationwide mass shootings.

Likewise, firearm violence ceased in the same period 9 thousand 106 deaths, 17 thousand 617 wounded, 135 dead children and 337 wounded.

further, 560 dead teens and 1 thousand 423 wounded, as well as 975 unintentional or unintentional shootings and 284 murders- suicides.
For said organization, so far from 2021 have been registered on average 5.8 shootings daily. They have died at the hands of armed people at least 51 people per day, they alerted.

According to the report, “2021 has the highest figures of the last four years, in deaths, injury, mass shootings and mass killings ".