Terri Thrush: "The pandemic marked a new era in the film industry"

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Since the pandemic originated in the world, many things changed for the film industry. For almost six months, several productions were totally paralyzed, recordings were delayed, Premieres were suspended and thousands of people saw their source of income ceased.

Para Terri Thrush, Panamanian production company dedicated for 25 years to seventh art, the pandemic has meant a turning point, Not only did the curtain drop on the stage, but the return to work now requires following certain protocols.

Thrush who has participated in dozens of productions and is currently writing some scripts for films and documentaries, recognize that nothing will ever be the same.

Currently the actors, makeup artists, cameramen and everyone who works on the Hollywood recording sets, they must undergo at least three swabs a week to prevent contagion.

The number of people working on the productions fell by almost a 50% to ensure the safety of those present and in each set medical care spaces are installed.

Everyone related to the projects is being required to take biosafety courses, are examined and receive a certificate that allows them to continue practicing without problem.

It is estimated that the losses in the film industry already reach $10 billion, when at all 2019 they won $11 billion box office sales in the United States and $43 billion globally.

The situation does not only affect actors, producers and directors, around what we know as cinema, there are thousands of people who are dedicated to making costumes, to provide supplies and transport, among others.

Despite the ravages of the pandemic, there are lights of hope, the new modalities that resurfaced cause great expectation, like drive-ins or open-air theaters that are already causing a sensation in various parts of the world.

The doors are reopening. Georgia, in United States, y Toronto, in Canada, they have been pioneers in restarting work under strict security measures, guaranteeing viewers the best experiences.

Online features also emerged, the use of artificial intelligence and openings to a 50% of the capacity of cinemas and theaters with seats two meters away.

Definitely, the pandemic marked a new era in the film industry, that despite the circumstances, challenges and new protocols, has returned and in a short time will fill us with emotions again.

Sobre Terri Thrush

Terri Thrush is a director, Freelance writer and producer who started her career in Los Angeles, California, where he worked in dozens of Hollywood movies and television series between 1998 until the 2017. He graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) with an emphasis on the Film and TV Business from the American Film Institute.

Her filmography includes works that have been selected and awarded at international film festivals as a producer, among them "La Llorona del Río" (2000), as director "Walking Without Shoes" (2004), winner of the Best Latin Short Film Award 2000-2005 in different Film Festivals such as the Havana Film Festival, Vienna International Short Film Festival, New York Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Latino Film Festival, Chicago International Latino Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival and also received awards from the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, "NALIP". He has also received an Emmy award for the documentary project “No Más” about Roberto Durán versus Sugar Ray Leonard.