Tepesianos call a meeting of the ambassador of El Salvador in Washington

Representatives of the National Alliance of TPS held a virtual meeting with the new Salvadoran ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga. Photo: TPS National Alliance.
By Milagro Orellana

In order to respond to the recent twitter messages published by the new Salvadoran ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, where he mentions the “repatriation” of the salvadorans, TPS families of the day “On the road to justice”, junto a SARCO (Salvadorans residing in Colorado) they called her to a virtual meeting.

After the position issued via Twitter, The National TPS Alliance responded with a letter asking him to clarify his position on TPS families in the North American country..

A journey that has united families to raise voices, educate the community about the dangers of COVID-19 and raise awareness to vote in the US elections.
photo VD: Marden Platero.

“The meeting, although very brief, allowed us to reaffirm our position in the letter and gave the ambassador the opportunity to clarify her statements that she had made through twitter, stating that it was not referring to the repatriation of Salvadorans benefiting from TPS, who will continue to support our fight for permanent residency, and that he would try to meet us as soon as possible.”, Claudia Laínez expressed, regional beneficiary and organizer for the TPS National Alliance.

After making the position clear to the Ambassador, The Tepesians also took the opportunity to make various demands on him, between them “including an invitation for a larger meeting; without any intermediary, between the ambassador and the members of the National TPS Alliance so that the ambassador can understand the frustrations of the TPS community who intend to continue their struggle to remain in the United States. Both, We ask the ambassador to join other Salvadoran politicians of all party affiliations to accompany the TPS community and lobby with us in congress. ", he said, Lainez.

The caravan has fourteen days traveling through various states, including Colorado, place where the virtual meeting with the recently appointed Salvadoran ambassador took place.
photo VD: Marden Platero.

For the moment, the caravan that left for Washington carries 14 days, which have marked the constant struggle, work and perseverance in pursuit of legal status in the United States.