International tension due to conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Vladimir Putin during a meeting, via videoconference, with the permanent members of the Security Council.
Photo: Press Office of the President of Russia

By Miriam Garcia

A new episode of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine occurs in Eastern Europe. About 100 thousand Russian soldiers have approached the border with Ukraine, according to US reports, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (OTAN) and even the European Union, international media say.

According to international media, the situation makes the international community nervous, which has seen an escalation in the conflict in recent days; because there is a precedent of a partial Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014. The United States even noted that, by satellite images, the mobilization of Russian weapons such as self-propelled guns and combat vehicles to 300 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, at the end of 2021, inform CNN.

Meanwhile, the kremlin, expresses that "it has no intention of invading" the area, but from Moscow they have asked NATO for guarantees, between them, that Ukraine and other Soviet countries are not admitted as members of the Alliance. If this condition is not met, Moscow says it would consider "initiating an unspecified military maneuver"; because Russia affirms that Ukraine has also mobilized troops to the east of the country and intends to request its entry into NATO, according to European news agencies.

Faced with this escalation of tension, some meetings were held between Russian representatives, and Ukrainians to try to stop the tension, but according to an off-the-record statement by a top European diplomat "Europe may be closer to war now than it has been since the breakup of Yugoslavia.", As published by the BBC agency this Friday.

Added to this uncertainty is the fact that several NATO countries are considering sending troops to the area, like Spain, to try to “deter” a possible attack. Other countries like Sweden mobilize military positions to strategic sites, like the baltic sea, which also puts on the discussion table whether or not this Nordic country should join NATO.

Faced with the scenario of a possible invasion, Joe Biden, United States's president, has said that sanctions can be imposed on Russia. It is also being studied whether or not the European Union will impose sanctions; but at the same time the situation is considered due to the economic cost that this may mean for the rest of Europe, especially considering gas supplies from Russia and the high prices the rest of the continent has been facing to access this essential resource., Especially in winter.