3 December, 2022

Korean technology for the development of sustainable construction projects

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Technology – Unique design, use of fewer parts, higher productivity and lower cost of operation, are some characteristics of the new Korean technology embodied in construction and mining equipment for the development of sustainable projects.

Samgwang Corp., exclusive distributor of the Korean brand Soosan for Central America and the Caribbean, has been a leader for 18 years in the sale of hammers and hydraulic drilling machines. These equipments have brought high precision to important construction and mining projects., which has allowed the execution of sustainable developments in different countries of the region.

An example of this high technology, are the Soosan hammers that stand out for their quality, durability and highest power in its class.

These kits are quiet., powerful and minimize impacts on the machine arm, since they are made with absorbent materials that provide comfort to the operator and adapt to the needs of any type of project.

Hydraulic hammers from the Silence Box-Plus line have a high strength-to-weight ratio (powerful and light), a unique built-in valve system (less oil flow, more efficiency and reliable operation), fewer components and less maintenance (costs reduction), and a completely closed shell (more cushioning and comfort).

Another Korean high-tech piece of equipment is the Soosan JD800-E hydraulic drilling rig.. It is a machine that provides autonomous and semi-autonomous drilling assistance functions., and provides at the same time a report on the status of the equipment. All this allows to improve the efficiency and results of drilling.. It is a safe equipment with a cabin certified under R.O.P.S standards for blasting, and F.O.P.S for falling objects.

his hammer (drifter) modelo JET-8 de Soosan, allows greater support and availability of spare parts in the shortest possible time. Its double damping system provides high ranges of energy penetration, generating greater economy when drilling.

“We have encountered all kinds of rocks when supplying equipment to companies in Panama, Central America and the Caribbean. Our goal is to offer the best well quality, the highest number of meters drilled per hour and the lowest production cost. These are equipment with a rotating superstructure, unparalleled stability and hole drilling capacity 3 a 4 inches in diameter”, said Katherine Pinilla, Commercial advisor of Samgwang Corp.

Pinilla highlighted that Samgwang Corp has participated in important construction projects in the Central American region, using self-propelled hydraulic drilling rigs, with diesel engine and top hammer to work in demanding terrain, with a production of 300 meters per 10 hours, with operational stability onusal systems, antiatasco, top piercing, flurde and blasthole waste dust collector (self-cleaning).