"I'll kill you and nobody will notice where I'm going to bury": Salvadoran officials to expareja

By Carmen Rodriguez

According to documents from the Court of Instruction Specialized for a Life Free of Violence and the Magistrates Court Columbus, Freedom, held this wording, and he threatened Ernesto Sanabria, Current official Presidential Palace in El Salvador, a expareja, with which he was involved sentimentally in between 2017 and 2018.

Despite being on trial for those crimes of violence against women, and although contradicting the Comprehensive Law for a Life Free of Violence against Women (LEIV), Sanabria is the press secretary of the Salvadoran presidency.

According to a specialized judge in San Salvador, And LEIV, does not contemplate any jurisdiction that exempt from criminal or civil actions public officials who commit violations of women's rights, Whether or not senior.

But nevertheless, He explained that anyone claiming high office, in the institutions of the Salvadoran State must meet certain requirements, among these "notorious morality", what includes, have no pending process justice. Tax documents realize two processes that are still developing against the Secretary of Communications of the Presidency.

But, Sanabria is not only challenging these regulations. Article 7 the Convention of Belém do Pará, ratified by El Salvador, He says that the state should condemn "all forms of violence against women and should be adopted by all appropriate means and without delay policies, aimed at preventing, punish and eradicate such violence, the next:

Refrain from any act or practice of violence against women and to ensure that the authorities, officials, staff and agents act in conformity with this obligation. "

No one has claimed

Cases remain open in the Magistrate's Court for a Life Free of Violence against Women and in a Magistrates Court, of freedom. however, To the date, no corresponding authority gave notice about these facts, as required by law, before Sanabria was named to the front of the Press Secretariat of the Presidency.

To tell the lawyer Silvia Juárez, allowing the exercise of his duties as Press Secretary, without paying faithfully comply with the aforementioned international arrangement, the Salvadoran government is not only failing in its commitments but is encouraging impunity for the perpetrators in the commission of such crimes against women.

Ernesto Sanabria, It was denounced by his ex-partner physical violence, psychological and threats, in 2018, while the election campaign was developed in the country, you before the presidential elections past.

Juárez, legal specialist in the field of Women's Rights, says that the interpretation of Article 7 the Convention of Belém do Pará, It determines that the first who must enforce laws to protect women's rights are civil servants. "They are bound", points.

"He (Sanabria) It is inclumpliendo with the provision of this Convention and Leiv. It is a high-ranking official because it is the spokesman facilitating communications and approach the government with the media. In my opinion, he should not be there ", said Juarez.

Endemic social evil

Last year, in El Salvador, the Gang Unit and Crime Homicide Attorney reported that found 96 clandestine cemeteries in the country, nails on 139 pits. Daily, many people are reported missing and are found lifeless in places like these. Among the bodies that authorities found, are those of women who have been killed in acts of violence that are reported as gang crimes also.

Voice of Diaspora asked for a comment to the on this subject to the Secretary of Communications, the 2 last January. At the closing of the edition of this publication, the message sent to the phone institutional Sanabria had no answer.

"I buy justice"

According to court documents case, It is containing the testimony of the former partner of Sanabria, the problems between the two began in 2017. But nevertheless, in 2018 family violence escalated higher levels, because "he always was under the influence of drugs or alcohol".

One night in February, according to the statement of facts- Sanabria "came home, to insult her in front of her daughters and tells, you're a bitch ... you're kidding. She went to the terrace, because he did not want to give you the phone and wanted to call the police ".

Then the story continues- "He grabbed her neck, when she tried to fight and beat her on the head and said,: I'll kill you and nobody will notice where I'm going to bury ", after, he left home, before police arrived.

A month after this incident say the court documents- Sanabria asked a justice of the peace, expareja vacate their housing where they had been together. But also, assaults continued through phone calls and text message, in further, He was responsible to remind their position of power.

"He said he can buy justice in the country and that can make shit. And he said: if I have not commanded to kill, it is because the first suspect will be. He said -the victim's story- that your house passes a vehicle and because of the statements made by him, that kill, you feel scared, can not sleep", is read into the court record.

The denunciation of violence against Sanabria, It was not only known for the Prosecution. further, the National Civil Police, It was notified, because the victim received protection measures. According to the lawyer Juárez, the message sent by the government to have a person designated by aggression and violence against women is tolerance to this problem.

"It has been noted in other cases like this, that a tolerance message is sent to impunity in the country. The Salvadoran government is tolerant of impunity ", said Juarez.

Meanwhile, Judge, It considers that cases like this, where public officials or employees have pending or open processes in the courts of the country, They must be addressed by the Government Ethics Tribunal, To give you comply with the law.

Julia Evelyn Martinez, expert on the subject and former director of the Salvadoran Institute for Women's Development, ISDEMU, He explains that the country has the highest rates of femicide in Latin America and is "extremely serious" that a person who makes these kinds of threats occupy an important public office in the Government.

“When a public official threatening a woman, just for the fact that it does, The message you are sending is extremely serious. Not only because it is reinforcing a message of hate towards women, but because it also is strengthening impunity in the country that is being strengthened by the State ", Martinez said.

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