His photographs said “Enough already” to the civil war in El Salvador

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

For the historical memory of this forgetful country. Two years ago I wrote a chronicle about the bloody events of the civil war in El Salvador, during the 80s, Today I relive it for the audience of Voice of the Diaspora, in the sense of pondering the images of the Salvadoran photojournalists who covered the armed conflict and who left a mark on the historical memory.

His photographs denounced the dehumanization of the conflict and put a “Enough already” to the war, when they were published by the international news agencies for which they worked. I'm talking about the photojournalists who did not identify with any of the opposing sides, to which humanitarian organizations and Civil Society organizations acknowledge their contribution in the search for Peace, those who are in the front row on the war fronts or taking photographs of the dead of the civilian population.

I am referring to the photojournalists of the first promotions of the Department of Journalism of the University of El Salvador, in the late 70s, some were in my chairs. As soon as they finished their studies they were called by the agencies, Among them are Iván Montesinos, Yuri Cortez, Edgard romero, Eric Lemus and other renowned photojournalists such as Luis Alberto Romero, Teyo Orellana and Luis Galdámez.

They are all survivors who have told the story of the dehumanization of a fratricidal war, whose images said a “Enough already” to the dehumanization of the conflict.