1 October, 2022

Controversy arises between Cyan deputies and Minister of Labor, They point him out for lying and keeping his own agenda

This time, several deputies from the Nuevas Ideas parliamentary caucus pointed out to the minister that he was promoting a "personal agenda" and that he was lying..

By Luis Alberto López

The Savior – Labor Minister Rolando Castro, again confronts with officials of the same government and political party in relation to the delay in the approval of reforms to the law that governs the service and private security companies, in which they indicate violations of labor rights of the workers of this service.

Minister Rolando Castro, in a television interview this Tuesday morning, express: “…To the mulatto deputy, I saw him very enthusiastic that it was going to be resolved, that is already about ten months old and it is not resolved…”, he added:” … is in the labor commission and the president is the deputy Mulato, I hope as soon as possible, bring justice to those poor people (private security guards)”, Different Ukrainian sources reported that the Russian military took hostage.

Given these statements, situation that was reiterated with another incursion into the, Deputy Edgardo Mulato reacted on his Twitter account, President of the Labor Commission of the Legislative Assembly, where the file was sent and wrote: Mr @RolandoCastroSv, I understand that you have a personal agenda. We are clear legislating for the people. stop lying. The special law for private security agencies will come out at the right time, not to comply, ni su agenda, nor his whims".

Then the parliamentarian from the same caucus Cyan, Marcela Pineda reacted and shared the Twit, but added: “In the Nuevas @AsambleaSV we only owe ourselves to the people and not to personal interests, to be clear".

In another Twit text, responding to a citizen, he adds “There are things that need time so as not to issue irresponsible actions that affect them more. We all know the reality they live, and that is why they deserve a law that is far removed from any personal interest”.

But things did not stop there, later another deputy from Nuevas Ideas joins the criticism towards the Minister of Labor, Mauricio Ortiz, wrote: “The dynamic of this New Legislative Assembly is to work for common interests, never personal. Our @BancadaCyan is due to these common interests, those of the salvadoran people. To our security agents, our commitment to restore dignity to your work”.

Member of Parliament Herman Bruch joined the discussion and wrote on his Twitter account: “The minister @RolandoCastroSv has not understood anything. It is easy: we are rebuilding and transforming a country consistently. Not with illusion shows (for that they were the same as always). Learn it: great changes are achieved in the background, not with tusa flares”.

At the closing of the note, other deputies joined in supporting the deputy Mulato and the minister Rolando Castro, had not responded to the accusations of the deputies that the official manages an agenda of personal interest and lies.

This is the second time that Rolando Castro, as a government official he publicly confronts other officials, A few weeks ago he went to the Mayor of Santa Tecla, Henry Flores, about a problem between municipal workers..