Sweden exceeds 100 cases of coronavirus

photo VD: Marlon Hernandez.
By Diego Recinos

In a few days the number of potentially affected by the Coronavirus increased in the Nordic country.

Most cases of coronavirus, registered in Sweden, They come from people who traveled to countries with high numbers of infected such as Italy, Iran, China and South Korea.

The authorities decided to shut down air traffic to some countries, as a preventive measure.

At least 3.000 people have undergone testing coronavirus. But nevertheless, Until now, only they have confirmed 140 positive cases of coronavirus.

Officials said most of those affected are Swedish citizens who enjoy skiing in northern Italy during the holidays. further, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised not to travel to regions affected by the disease.

Saturday, Region Skåne regristro three new cases. While, on Friday, They were reported 21 cases in Stockholm; eight others, a Varmland; five, a Skane; other five, a Jönköping; From, Gothenburg, uno a Uppsala y uno a Gavleborg.

Some schools decided to suspend its activities to prevent contagion. However, Swedish education authorities have not issued any warning or notice to close schools nationwide.

For now, Each school shall assess the extent temporary closure may be a risk of further contagion.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health accelerate preparations to combat the disease and treat cases registered.

Two of its main hospitals in Stockholm and have special areas for the treatment of patients. further, electricity Karolinska Institutet (main center of studies and medical research in Sweden) He is already working on a vaccine against the coronavirus.

So far the alert level remains moderate in Sweden and everyday activities continue normally. It is expected that sanitary measures and immigration restrictions to reduce the number of cases of coronavirus in the country.

photo VD: Marlon Hernandez.