Sweden toughens measures against Covid-19

photo VD: Marlon Hernandez.

By Diego Recinos

The Swedish government is tightening restrictions against coronavirus, This was stated by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven at a press conference last Friday.

It was Löfven who warned that the spread of the infection could increase during Christmas and New Years.

Thus, the government is now reducing the number of people entering restaurants, previously eight, now only four and a ban on the sale of alcohol after 8 p.m., instead of the 10 p.m., From the day 24 from December.

VD photos: Marlon Hernandez.

further, a maximum number was imposed for how many people can be in a store, gym or shopping center.

The Prime Minister emphasized: "It is wrong and dangerous if we do not follow the advice, the government is concerned about what is happening right now, this is the right measure at the right time and now we see that we have to do more, and reducing the number of people who are allowed to meet to a maximum of four is a very comprehensive measure ", this is how Löfven put it.

The following measures are also implemented:

The Swedish Public Health Agency recommends that masks be worn on public transport, during certain times when crowding cannot be avoided.

Higher Secondary Education must teach at a distance until the 24 January the 2021, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

All activities within the state, municipalities and regions should be closed immediately until 24 of January of 2021, among other things, “all activities that are not necessary” like bathrooms, museums, sports halls and the like.

All non-essential personnel must work from home to 24 from January, this applies to the state, the regions, municipalities and the private sector.

VD photos: Marlon Hernandez.

Meanwhile, Johan Carlson, Director General of the Swedish Public Health Agency, stressed that the rules are being followed, but that compliance should be improved: "There is a little discomfort, many people are crowded in shopping malls, we strongly recommend that the trade does not go out with these offers this year, sales at noon will not be made in any store this year ", so Carlson said.