22 January, 2023

Salvadorean solidarity with heroes Panamanians who are saving lives

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

As a gesture of solidarity, the Association of Professionals and Entrepreneurs Salvadorians Abroad (Apes) based in Panama, food sent this week to medical teams from several hospitals in the capital, including the Polyclinic Manuel María Valdés in Paradise, San Miguelito, the Presidente Remón Polyclinic on Calle 17, and the staff of the Intensive Care Unit of the Children's Hospital. It is a token of gratitude to Panama.

APESE encourages other communities of foreigners, residents in Panama, to fight together with the nationals to get ahead during this emergency.

“We are deeply grateful to Panama for receiving us and being our home.. We identify with these Panamanian heroes who are fighting right now to save lives. God bless Panama and bless us all", expressed Elizabeth Wahn Arbizu, Director of the APESE Solidarity Committee.

APESE brings together approximately 200 Salvadoran executives and businessmen, who have found a home in the canal land.