Salvadorean Red Cross aid workers: 68 years saving lives

Salvadoran Red Cross photos.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The volunteer corps of the Red Cross Lifeguards Salvadoreña (CRS) meets 68 years of saving lives. The volunteer group is one of four subsidiaries of the institution in the country.

The idea of ​​creating a corps of rescuers and volunteers started in 1956, when the country was hit by an earthquake rocks left over 400 Dead people, the 6 May that year.

Since then, the equipon specialists attend traffic accidents, Common diseases and natural disaster emergencies.

Salvadoran Red Cross photo.
The body of aid volunteers has been trained to handle natural emergencies and disasters.

For its geographical position, El Salvador is a country suffering the consequences of many natural disasters. That's why the Red Cross reflected on the need for aid volunteers, which is devoted to give pre hospital care in times of disasters and save as many lives as possible.

But nevertheless, It was to 31 October 1951 Don Baltasar Llort Escalante, officially he founded the Volunteer Corps Lifeguards with the authorization of the Board of the institution, of that time.

The orderlies are the operational arm of the institution, therefore, the CRS prepares in pre hospital care, vertical rescue vehicle; too, procures ambulances with basic life support equipment to work in emergencies.

Salvadoran Red Cross photo.

At present, the attention they give rescuers the population has evolved; In addition to treating health issues, staff work with community projects Social Inclusion and Reduction Management Risk.