civil society hopeful with the inauguration of the new president of Mexico

Lauri García Dueñas by

Mexico dawned with a new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the charismatic and controversial leader who has led the political party Morena the executive and that first launched the presidential race 2006. Both the inauguration and social networks, the most progressive sectors of the country celebrate this change of government that AMLO himself has called “the fourth transformation”.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

Of his taking of protest, the media have highlighted the fact that legislators have interrupted Obrador to make the roll call of the 43 students of the Ayotzinapa normal school, Guerrero, disappeared in 2014, one of the crimes that has shaken the country the most and that highlights impunity, one of the most pressing social problems for Mexico, since the 98% of the crimes that are committed are not processed according to the figures of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation (PGR). Meanwhile, the president will meet Monday with the fathers and mothers of the missing boys.

Opposition accuses new president of populist, but the population celebrated the fact that since 1 December anyone can enter Los Pinos, the presidential house from 1934, 15 times bigger than the White House, without safety filters, in tune with the ideas of the new ruler who has promised that "they will lower the salaries of those above, because they will raise the wages of those below ". He will continue to live in his private home in line with his campaign's austerity promises..

Photo: Ignacio de Alba.

On the Central American migrant caravan that arrived in Mexico on 19 October and that has shown the economic crisis, political and social in which are several Central American countries, The Mexican president assured that he will promote an investment agreement between companies and governments to promote the development of the countries of the isthmus..

Social fighters have shared on social networks that they feel more confident in the new president, although they have also criticized the one who has said that he will fight impunity and corruption but has not promised to bring former presidents and rulers to trial.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

The great challenges of the new sexennium will be to reduce poverty rates, lower the cost of living that has skyrocketed in the last six years, reduce social violence and organized crime, as well as granting justice to the hundreds of families that have disappeared relatives in the last twelve years and judging the culprits of the dozens of clandestine graves with human remains that are throughout the country.