Socialists win majority in elections in Spain

By Hector Murcia

Shortly after polling stations closed their doors, polls began to give as winner of the elections held in Spain, the PSOE, I would have managed to get between 116 Y 121 seats.

With more than 95% of votes counted, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) He was declared the winner of the Spanish elections this Sunday. But nevertheless, the triumph and the advantage gained will not ensure that free way to govern.

The Socialists will have to seek alliances from and, We can and also with United, with the pro-independence Catalan party Esquerra Republicana; because to achieve majority control in parliament will require at least 176 seats.

Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister and leader of the PSOE, confirmed the triumph at night and also said that victory determines that “the future than to the past” in Spain and is also a sign that “You can defeat authoritarianism” a Europe.

According to data of RTVE and the Federation of Organisms of Autonomic Radio and Television (Force) Spanish people, to 8:00 Sunday night, The results indicate that the center-right parties (PP, Citizens and Vox) They would stay away from the absolute majority (176 seats) despite strong burst Party Santiago Abascal, as a result of the sharp drop in the formation of Pablo Casado.

Although at this time the polls had not been opened, The survey predicted a victory for Pedro Sanchez from 116 Y 121 seats (85 in 2016), followed PP, which would remain the main opposition party with between 69-73 seats. United can overtake citizens with 48-49, while the abode formation led by Pablo Iglesias achieve a 42-45 seats (45 in 2016).

As it expected, Vox first get a significant parliamentary representation through the 36-38 MPs provided the survey. Last night, Catalan means La Vanguardia said that these elections are marked by the high participation, which is on track to beat the record set in 1982 (80%).

The updated data indicates that in these elections 60,67% (20,4 million voters) They paraticiparon this day, nine points more than in 2016. This level contrasts with the 51,21% registered 26 in July 2016 and they had voted a total of 17.715.754 Spanish with right to vote.

Catalonia is one of the exponents of this rise, to have shot up 64,20% a few hours before closing, (3.283.539 voters) in front of 46,38% of 2016 (2.464.659), almost 18 points (17,82).