earthquake 6.5 degrees affects the southern area of ​​Puerto Rico

By Wendy Peña

An earthquake 6.5 Tuesday jolted the southern coast of Puerto Rico, causing material damage. a victim is reported in the town of Ponce, according to local media.

The quake occurred at 4:24 in the morning, its epicenter was located 13 Ponce kilometers and to a depth of 10 kilometers, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

A tsunami warning was issued and then canceled. “This was a tremor that was recorded in the same area Guanica, to the south, to the same as yesterday (of 5.7). By protocol we issued a preliminary tsunami message and then canceled”, Victor established Huérfano, director of the Seismic Network.

In the last weeks, according to the USGS, They have been counted several small movements on the coast of Puerto Rico. Monday an earthquake 5.8 It affected some houses and different locations in Guanica and Guayanila. further, natural window disappeared in Punta Ventana, Guayanilla.