2 February, 2023

Asperger's syndrome: Some celebrities suffer from it like Elon Musk, Steven Spielberg y Bill Gates, among others

It is one of the developmental disorders which usually occurs with normal intelligence and has more problems on the emotional level. (Photo for illustrative/courtesy purposes)

By Dra. Margaret Burgos

Mental health – When in 1943 the Austrian doctor Hans Asperger developed and presented a series of studies on atypical neurology in children never imagined that his name would go down to posterity.

It's that back then, in the middle of World War II, no one paid much attention. further, his writings were in German and no one bothered to translate them. Y, and if that was not enough, part of the material ended up lost after a fire in his clinic. For all these reasons, his research remained ignored by the psychiatric community for a long time..

Austrian physician Hans Asperger

In fact, the term Asperger Syndrome, in his honor, only started to be used in 1991 and among the celebrities who suffer from it are the millionaire Elon Musk, Actors Anthony Hopkins and Keanu Reeves, activist Greta Thunberg, el director Steven Spielberg, philanthropist Bill Gates and singer Susan Boyle.

It is one of the developmental disorders which usually occurs with normal intelligence and has more problems on the emotional level., since it is difficult for them to express and understand emotions and it can also lead to more specific learning problems, such as laterality difficulties or language development.

It is characterized by the difficulties that the individual has in the field of communication and social interaction.. People with Asperger syndrome do not have any intellectual deficit., but it is difficult for them to relate to others

It has a biological basis and there is a hereditary component. It is frequent that there are more cases of autism spectrum disorder in the same family. It is estimated that approximately of each 10.000 children have the disorder.

It is no coincidence that this disorder is suffered by individuals with brilliant minds., like some celebrities mentioned above. By focusing more attention on certain aspects and in a constant way they develop more the capacities that are of interest to them and in which they are most brilliant.

The examples that we know as Greta Thunberg and Elon Musk are just part of a larger set and where, definitely, Knowing about the problem and what measures to follow will make some stand out more than in situations where the family has no idea what is happening with their child.

diagnosis is important, Because if parents ignore these signs, they may think that their children's difficulties are more intelligence problems and as a consequence, they can be left aside and even stigmatized.. It's, Of course, does not get any proper way out of the problem.

Some symptoms to watch out for: have poor social skills, have difficulty maintaining the normal pace of a conversation and generally do not make eye contact. further, they tend to have conversations restricted to a certain topic. Generally, one must be very careful when diagnosing due to the risk of pigeonholing the minors who suffer from it and, above all, the little knowledge that exists.

The best way to treat Asperger Syndrome is to guide the family and develop a table of educational aspects to follow. But beyond that, the treatment that should be given to them is important., since those who present this disorder can achieve total autonomy and a good quality of life.