3 December, 2022

No progress investigation for sexual harassment news channel director in El Salvador

By Carmen Rodriguez

Although the prosecution of El Salvador communicated with one of the journalists who reported having been the victim of sexual harassment by the news director of Channel 21, the institution has not made progress in research.

Several weeks after this news agency exposed a series of publications with complaints of women journalists and other co-workers of these, sexual harassment, Salvadoran Attorney announced that it had launched an investigation to respect.

The prosecutor in the case communicated by telephone with one of the victims who denounced the director Roberto Hugo Preza for more details. But nevertheless, the reporter said after talking about the indictment against Preza, There was no further contact with the Attorney.

Not only the prosecution lacks progress. further, the Ministry of Labor, entity also publicly promised to investigate the irregularities reported by journalists on the Canal 21 neither, He has presented results of the visit to the company premises.

Channel sources 21 said the visit by a delegation of the Ministry of Labor, to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and, It was made in hours when all journalists and cameramen were outside the facility in coverage.

Neither the prosecutor of the case, and Labor Minister, Rolando Castro, They responded to messages sent by journalist Carmen Rodriguez, in which information is requested on the progress of investigations.

Last week, if rumoró that Preza, it may be preparing a lawsuit for defamation against journalists Voice of the Diaspora who conducted the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment in El Salvador, one of the countries with rates of violence against women in Latin America higher.

In a letter circulated on social networks, after initiation of the investigation and they have been separated from their work in the TV business, Preza stepped forward and said the research results will be in your favor.

For the moment, Preza continues to separate from his position as news director for the Megavisión Group.