26 November, 2022

Seven women murdered in Spain in the early days of 2020

By Dennis Aguillón, Madrid, Spain

Official statistics by gender violence generated alarm in different sectors of the government of Spain. So far in January 2020, seven women were killed by their partners in the country.

Last year, Spanish judges warned of the rise in murders of women and presented several proposals to prevent. But nevertheless, reports of violence to help prevent murder are almost nil.

None of the women who were murdered in Spain, during the first days of 2020, There was subjected to violence complaint. Epecialistas in laws and lawyers complain that the protection of victims in these cases late.

The first femicide was registered on January 6. Monica and her daughter were killed Night of Kings Day, a significant Spanish tradition in the country.

The 12 from January, male violence claimed its second victim. Olga, a Ukrainian was shot dead by her former partner. Four days later, the 18 from January, Judith, of 29 years, He was also shot dead by her partner, a security officer of Autonomous Police.

The families of the young woman said the murderer had long been harassing her to return with him.

The fourth death, It was recorded in the province of Toledo, which also, esstos facts are on the rise. Liliana, of 43 years, which was “separated” her husband, who lived in the same house, He was killed in front of her two children.

He too 22 from January, but in Granada, Mary, of 73 years, He was stabbed in the neck by her husband, a man of 77 years. Violence knows no age, Manuela, of 79, She was brutally beaten by her partner, a man of 83 years, also he cuts his face and neck.

Rosa, of 40 years, He became the seventh victim of the year. Her boyfriend murdered her and tried to flee the country. The man was captured by authorities at the airport of El Prat de Barcelona.

The feminicios of 2020, already exceed the numbers of these crimes in the Spanish territory 2008, when seven women were killed throughout the year.