5 October, 2022

Seven decades of Humanism in the Alma Mater of El Salvador

By José Eduardo Cubías Colorado

In commemoration of 70 Anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities of the University of El Salvador.

This October they meet 70 years of public life of this study center.

It was in the old “Auditorium”, that old house that the school would occupy “Sacred heart”, located in the heart of San Salvador, next to the Palace of Communications.

The old “Auditorium” housed the seven academic units of the faculty and the rectory of the University. He began his academic and cultural activities in 1948 with a small student population and limited teaching and administrative staff.

Two have been the rectors who have given life to Humanities: The doctor. Napoleón Rodríguez Ruíz and Dr.. Fabio Castillo Figueroa.

The doctor. Rodríguez Ruíz promoted art and culture in extracurricular activities, like literature, theater, and the plastic arts, We remember at that time the figure of Don Edmundo Barbero with the theater and the teacher Ion Cubicec in the university choir.

Noted writers and poets emerged in the late sixties, like those belonging to the “Generation Committed” , Among those who stand out Álvaro Menéndez Leal and Ítalo López Vallecillos, who assumed the Direction of the University Publishing House, publishing the works of the young poets, like the group “The five”.

The cultural activity was set in the auditorium of the “Auditorium”, where they performed concerts, presentation of plays, conferences, poetic recitals, and even political debates.

Al Dr. Rodríguez Ruíz was succeeded by Dr.. Fabio Castillo, who moved all the faculties scattered around San Salvador to the University City, to occupy new buildings. The  last to arrive were the faculties of Economics and Humanities, which occupied galleys of wood and sheet in a provisional way.

Dr. Fabio Castillo.

The doctor. Fabio Castillo, both as rector of the University (1963-1967) innovated career curricula  humanists, giving them a scientific touch, naming this study center, Faculty of Sciences and Humanities, while creating the Faculty of Sciences  Natural and Mathematical.

The story about the future and the humanistic work within the University of El Salvador would be long and neat., But we cannot forget that the Faculty of Sciences and Humanities has been the cradle of revolutionary organizations and where popular movements have been gestated against military dictatorships and their repressive apparatus..

Dr. Napoleon Rodríguez Ruíz.