SICA: President of Costa Rica foresees outlook of hope for the region in the face of new United States administration

On the left, Carlos Alvarado, President of Costa Rica. Photo: Courtesy.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

“Centroamérica tendrá un panorama positivo en la política exterior y con apuestas claras al multilateralismo”. This is how the President of Costa Rica described, Carlos Alvarado, the future of this region's relations with the new administration of President Joe Biden, US.

The statements were given in the SICA Al Aire interview, conducido por la Jefa de Gabinete de la Secretaría General del Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (SICA), Olinda Salguero.

The President highlighted, also, that for Central America a new panorama of work with the United States is visualized. “A new moment opens up for the region, especially in its relationship with the United States., which has announced a specific policy for Central America. This renews the hope of working together with the Joe Biden administration.; procurando llevar bienestar a todos los pueblos centroamericanos y República Dominicana”.

“Los países miembros del SICA tendrán oportunidades de acciones positivas para nuestros pueblos, ya que el Presidente de Estados Unidos apuesta al multilateralismo y a las relaciones regionales”, indicated the president. In that sense, expressed “To the extent that we as Central America, y SICA, let's achieve common positions, both to coordinate and to defend our interests, we can achieve better results in our relationship with the United States as a partner. This will translate into regional and multilateral advantages ".

further, reiteró las apuestas que tiene Costa Rica para la región durante su Presidencia Pro Tempore en el SICA (PPT-SICA), for the period from January to June 2021, how to reactivate the post-pandemic economy and face, also, the problems of climate change in the region, among others.

The president affirmed that integration is the tool to generate concrete benefits to the Central American population. In this sense, he highlighted some achievements that have solved several common challenges..

He referred to the role of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) what, against the pandemic generated by COVID-19, It has been a common cooperation tool for countries to have the possibility of financing and donating virus detection equipment; as well as financially support the regional recovery.

“We see how the integration of a Bank that is supported and financed by SICA partners, among other cooperators, brings concrete benefits to the region. This is the result of integration, is a strong example ", he explained.

further, He added that another achievement of integration is the issue of transportation., mobility and rail connections for all of Central America. This initiative will boost the economy, the joint work of the region in phytosanitary matters and will bring benefits for the Central American electricity market, among others.

Recordó que este año tiene una especial relevancia por conmemorarse el Bicentenario de la Independencia de la mayoría de los países miembros del SICA, and the 35 years since the signing of the Esquipulas Peace Accords, milestones that coincide with 30 years of SICA.

Therefore, he stated that these are times to continue working as a bloc in different international forums., with the aim of bringing well-being to all peoples. He stressed that “As a region we have more strength when we are united; as a block we weigh more when we are united ".

The Secretary General of SICA, Vinicio Cerezo, también ha destacado las potencialidades y la importancia de la integración especialmente frente a retos como la pandemia. The most recent result, thanks to this process, has been the design and implementation of the Regional Contingency Plan against Coronavirus; that was born under the dialogue and advice of the Heads of State and Government of the member countries of SICA, como respuesta complementaria a las acciones tomadas por cada país.

Among other topics, the president of Costa Rica also referred to the fact that the region must bet on educational quality, mitigation and adaptation to climate change and institutional strengthening for its development, which are also Costa Rican bets during the PPT.

further, referred to the political dialogue in the region, as a key tool to overcome crisis, be stronger and more resilient; por lo que dijo que es importante continuar fortaleciendo y profundizando el diálogo político, which is one of the work axes that this member country has during the PPT.

On the other hand, el Secretario General Cerezo destacó en la entrevista que la integración “no es un lujo, es una necesidad inminente para tener mayores posibilidades de desarrollo. In fact, are, with all the challenges that we have to face, the most successful integration process in the developing world and we want people to understand it better and learn much more about the benefits that integration already brings to their lives ".