30 September, 2022

Severe storm causes closure of streets in Milan

VD photos: Rosy Figueroa.
By Rosy Figueroa, Italy

A severe storm that hit Milan, caused the closure of streets and the alert of the Italian authorities this Friday. Many people who for a few days were able to resume their work activities were also affected by the rains.

The Civil Protection of Italy, alerted the population on Friday morning, on the risk of flooding due to the overflow of the Lambro and Seveso rivers. The flow of the latter had exceeded its limits before the warning from the authorities.

The Milan City Council ordered the activation of the Municipal Operational Center (COC) starting at 6:00 p.m. from Thursday, after the meteorological alert for the risk of severe storms issued by the Functional Center for Monitoring Natural Hazards of the Lombardy Region.

The rains caused small floods in some stations of the city subway and in some streets. further, caused the fall of trees. But nevertheless, authorities do not report considerable damage.