4 December, 2022
Photo: Courtesy Armed Forces of El Salvador (FIELD).
By Julio Quintanilla

The Obligatory Military Service in our country is never intended to train new recruits academically. Within the government's plans there is no military training mixed with integral values ​​so that the young people themselves benefit.

In the USA., our strategic partner, discover skills in young people and are awarded university scholarships for having served in the military. And in this country? What's the plan? What will be the development of the young ? What benefits will young people have for being that year of military service? Where is the academy that will train them?

Young people have always been prepared here, but to kill. Because our best school was La Escuela de las Américas, a concept of “hired murderer”. This was born in Panama and the USA.. So, What is the point of insisting on conscription? otherwise you have, but not the minimum resource of investment in infrastructure.

The most serious problem is that it is the young people with limited resources who will always go to fulfill this service, because when they are old enough to fulfill this obligation, no email will arrive, it will be the same as always; forcibly taken off the public transport buses.

The children of the rich, just at that age, will travel to study in the USA. or Europe. It means that it will not be fair and as always it will only be the poor class that will have to pay for the broken dishes.

In his speech, Vice President Félix Ulloa suggests that everyone must fulfill military service and safeguard the country from attack or invasion. Something that is terrible to think, since it means that we will become a belligerent and offensive nation. Even though US policy has not delivered the plans to be developed in international politics.

Photo: Courtesy of the Armed Forces of El Salvador (FIELD).

Meanwhile, The doctor. Fabio Castillo of the FMLN expresses that it is inconceivable to think that the Armed Forces disappear as Costa Rica did years ago. It indicates that compulsory military service must be done even when the infrastructure and physical-academic development conditions are not yet prepared..

It is clear that this Ad-hoc commission, it is not prepared in any field to benefit the population. It is like getting what is given as royalties to the poor population of El Salvador.