Promote gender equality in communities in El Salvador

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

As part of the activities around the commemoration of the International Day of Non-Violence against Women, municipal authorities of San Vicente, northern department of El Salvador, They conducted a walk to promote and raise awareness of the importance of gender equality.

El Salvador is one of the Latin American countries, with high rates of femicides, aggressions and vilence against women. further, it is one of the countries where abortion is punished.

During the activity, messages from the “Men and Women alike” campaign were shown., that launched the Health and Social Integration project, run by the Salvadoran Red Cross (CRS), with the aim of making the population aware of gender rights.

"We are sensitizing communities on the issue of gender and masculinity and within the framework of the International Day of Non-Violence against Women we want to promote the campaign Men and women alike", said Eloisa Meléndez, Technician of the Health and Social Integration project in San Vicente and Tecoluca.

With these actions, that are part of the CRS Social Inclusion program area, the institution seeks to raise awareness on the issue of gender equity and include women and men in the activities they organize.

The CRS project has trained communities on different gender issues, thus make their rights known and prevent cases of violence against women.

“We have received many workshops on gender, masculinity, domestic violence and health. Now we know what to do to follow up on these cases ", María Hernández from the Las Victorias community commented.

The reference of the Municipal Unit for women of San Vicente, Hope Lopez, highlighted the work of the institution in the dissemination of laws to prevent the violation of women's rights in communities of the municipality.

Personnel of the Women's Unit of the Mayor's Office of San Vicente, the Municipal Gender Commission, Office of the Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights and the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, among other organizations, joined the march to promote gender equality in the population.