US Senate impeachment receive the next week against Trump

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Nancy Pelosi, President of the United States House of Representatives, He confirmed Friday that next week will send to Congress, the indictment against President Donald Trump, for abuse of power and obstruction.

The two charges against Trump, were approved last December and had not advanced, due to differences between Democrats and Republicans in establishing the terms of the impeachment process against the president.

Last week, John Bolton, former security adviser to the Trump administration, said he was willing to testify if Congress requires it. further, Democrats want other people who remain in government to appear before senators.

The Republicans, instead they will wait for the opening speeches of the arguments to call the witnesses.

Hands tied for a war

Trump also received another setback on Thursday. Congress voted to limit the president's actions in the face of conflict and possible use of US military forces in Iran.

Trump ahora, needs the permission of Congress to intervene or react with the militia in everything related to Iran. The measure was approved with 224 votes and also, calls on the government to work to end the conflict by up to 30 days.