Beach football team will be in Qatar El Salvador 2019

Photo VD / Courtesy: INDES.
By Dennis Aguillón

The beach soccer team in El Salvador, that in recent tournaments and friendly matches surprises among similar, will participate in the World Cup in Qatar 2019.

After preparation in friendlies in China, where “Selecta shirt”, as she is fondly his followers, hand technical director, raw rooster, He was runner-up.

With the illusion intact, the players and coaching staff, They left for the world with the mentality of making history in the first edition of the World Games Beach Soccer, which takes place in the Middle East.

Selected last week received the national flag and all the good vibes of his followers so they can develop a good tournament.

Meanwhile, technical director, He said that "this is a different competition to the Premundiales of Concacaf", and he expects his players to concentrate to take advantage of their opponents.

Gallo, also he said it is necessary that their players can be consolidated to greater weight selections, like Japan, Russia and Uruguay, due to the change that is occurring in recent times.

Similarly, He is concerned for all the achievements that "cangrejitos beach" (name that the Salvadoran fans are rendez-vous with your choice of beach) They have given the country and the fans that every day becomes more demanding.

To end, the technician asked a professional football league is believed beach. The world will be held from 11 al 16 October, a Qatar.

Salvadoran beach equipment, He has not only surprised by their performance in tournaments, but because it is made up of poor fishermen that they were discovered by the technician, on the beaches of the Salvadoran coast.

Then, participation by Salvadorans who are selected in the group “D”

Friday 11 October

El Salvador vs. Russia

Sunday 13 October

El Salvador vs. Japan

Monday 14 October

El Salvador vs. Uruguay