El Salvador national beach soccer team gets second in China

By Dennis Aguillón

GoalFun competition CFA China-Latin America Beach Soccer Championship came to an end where the “Selecta shirt” It was one of the participants.

The tournament was friendly character, El Salvador took the second place among the 6 participating teams. After 2 losing streak, the first to hosts China, and the second before the selection of Uruguay.

The “cangrejitos beach” They reached their final game against Trinidad and Tobago without aspirations to the title, However defeating the Caribbean team aspired to second place, who also aspired to the host.

It was all about results and thus gave, Salvadorans scored five times against the Trinidadians, and China playing against Denmark lost 2-1.

In this way, the shirt selected resumed the second position and proclaimed runner-up in the contest.

Rudis Gallo drew its conclusions from the participation of their pupils. He said his assessment was intermediate after harvesting 3 victories and 2 losses, the latter in the final minutes against weight selections.