Panama soccer team wins 1-0 visiting Costa Rica in a friendly match

Photo: Courtesy Fepafut.
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Panama soccer team wins 1-0 visiting Costa Rica in a friendly match.

Panama beat Costa Rica 1-0 visiting a friendly match to prepare for qualifying competitions with a view to the Qatar World Cup 2022, the first international presentation of Thomas Christiansen that begins with victory as the new technical director of the canal team.

The Panamanians surprised Costa Rica in their own territory with a goal from Abdiel Ayarza in additional time, at the close of the game that took place at the San José National Stadium without an audience due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Thomas Christiansen said that due to the circumstances in which Panama came to the match, Without much preparation due to the pandemic I was "... very happy" with the results, since the players showed a great commitment to the national team, but he acknowledged that the first half was "very bad" for Panama by not having control of the field that Costa Rica did show as a local.

In the second part, the outlook improved with the changes that helped to achieve a better balance, and to refresh the team that had several opportunities to reach the opponent's frame, stated the technician.

"In general I am happy for the victory ... I never go out thinking that I am going to lose, I am always positive and believe in the options we can have ", he added.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the Panama national team has not been active for almost eight months, save for a bubble of weeks to train, after the arrival in the country of coach Christiansen.

Costa Rica also arrived at the game without the main figures who have tested positive for coronavirus, However, they have the advantage that many of the players who play in the local league that reopened several months ago joined.

The Costa Rican coach, Ronald González said that although the Tico national team maintained control of almost the entire game, they evaluate different details beyond the goal of the Panamanians.

"We have to correct, this in a tie at this stadium we can't lose, if it is for the result, because if it is for the performance, We saw very good things, we were the team that controlled the game ... ", However, he complained about the lack of preparation of the eleventh as a result of the pandemic that has not allowed them to see the new values ​​properly.

"We made some changes to also see behaviors of boys that previously ... we have not been able to see them and because of the pandemic we have not been able to see them in competition either", he added

Both teams will meet again in the same stadium next 13 October.