11 August, 2022

Second confirmed case of coronavirus in Washington DC is a minister

Main Street in Georgetown, a neighborhood side Center Washington. Photo VD Ricardo “That” Gutiérrez

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

Mayor of Washington DC, US capital, He reported Monday on the second confirmed case of coronavirus in the city. It is the pastor of the Episcopal Church in Georgetown, district visited by hundreds of tourists and locals daily.

Georgetown, is the connection between downtown Washington and several major cities in the state of Virginia, as Roslyn.

The office of Mayor Muriel Bowser, He asked the parishioners who attended religious services of this congregation, between 24 February and 3 of March, which are insulated to avoid possible infections, while they perform the necessary medical tests.

They are according to media reports and local health authorities, Timoty Reverend Cole, He participated in religious services on Sunday and interacted with the least a 550 people.

Because of this exposure, Bowser's office asked people who may have been exposed to stay in case, not go to work and not to participate in meetings, for at the least 14 days.

Health authorities of this city also asked anyone who may have been expueta to the virus in the Episcopal Church to contact the nearest health institute and inform respect.

The first case was confirmed last week, He is a man who returned trip from Nigeria. As they explained by the authorities, this person was in Washington and then moved to Maryland.

An employee of a public school in the city was in contact with this case, in the last hours and as a preventive measure, the authorities decided to close the school while conducting appropriate tests.

At the end of last week, Governor of Maryland, one of the states that is part of the DMV (Washington DC area formed by, Maryland y Virginia, because of its proximity and connections) Larry Hogan, He confirmed the existence of three cases in your state.

Hogan said at a news conference, there are other 280 people under medical observation and asked people to follow the recommendations of health authorities.