Social Segregation in the United States, chronicle of Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges. Photo: Courtesy of social media.

By Anayansi Rivas

In the United States each 14 November, the life and efforts of Rubí Bridges are honored, was the first African American to attend a white school.

Ruby was born on 8 September 1954 en Tylertown, state of Mississippi in the southern United States, and to 6 years he had to emigrate with his parents to the state of New Orleans, Louisiana, in order to attend William Frantz Elementary School.

Ruby with her teacher and classmates.
Photo: Courtesy of social media.

Rubí's life was not easy, had to break many paradigms to be able to study and join a white school, To enter an educational center, he had to undergo a series of requirements such as entrance exams, with very detailed and exclusive questions,  however she and 6 Most African American children passed the tests to study with white children.

Ruby did not have the freedom that every child has in a school, she was marginalized by her classmates, every recess she had to be at the address, not because of bad behavior but because of fear of teasing from her classmates and even from parents who were opposed to accepting her participation in school.

At an early age she had to be escorted from her home to school by 4 tall white men,  to be able to attend classes,  "I felt so lonely, I think that was the worst, have six years and no friends ", this is how Ruby expressed.

Ruby, attended elementary school escorted by white men.
Photo: Courtesy of social media.

Although the Supreme Court of the United States, had declared segregation illegal since 1954, the same year Ruby Bridges was born, reason why she has been a change agent, the fight for equality remains persistent.

Every year different American schools join a peaceful march, to remember Ruby's childhood effort and sacrifice,  However, this time the coronavirus pandemic has prevented them from face-to-face activity.

Ruby Bridges, professional and mother of family. Photo: Courtesy of social media.

Bridges is a mother of four and continues to live in New Orleans.. The one who years ago was a shy girl, afraid of society, is now a professional woman looking for solutions, is working to promote equality and social justice, focusing on the progress of the community and schools.

There is a little more acceptance for African Americans today than in the past., there are more opportunities for improvement, An example of all this we have other professional women such as Oprah Gail Winfrey and Condoleezza Rice, among other.