“Open secret”, Salvadoran first podcast awarded a Latin Award in the United States

Diego Murcia, director of the Voice of Diaspora, becomes the first Salvadoran to win a Latin Podcast Award in the United States.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Production specialized in entrepreneurship issues, translation and content creation, Bitextuales, of the director of the international news agency Voice of Diaspora, Diego Murcia, He received the award in the category “Podcast of the Year and Education”.

Murcia competed with more than twenty participants, including Latino USA and CNN's Zona Pop. “Secret to You” becomes the first Salvadoran podcast to receive such an important award.

"We are proud to have been selected winners. This is an incentive for us as content producers that we have been doing for the benefit of people hungry for knowledge ", Murcia said, podcast creator.

And continued:

"In other circumstances, access to this type of content is unattainable for some people who are just starting their business escalation. Creating a podcast to disseminate this type of information has been a natural step in our experience ", He also added the CEO of Bitextuales.com, a document translation services company, creation of specialized content and production of podcasts.

Bitextuales not only works from its platform to favor its clients with exceptional work. It also creates content that is free to use for all audiences, that you can enjoy them listening to more podcasts: The Writer, with tips for creative writing; Chronicles of Nothing, with fictional stories voiced by their own authors; and Claudia's Las Guazap Stories, the first-person narration of a woman who is the victim of her own professional overqualification that prevents her from obtaining a decent job and who - to top it all- must fight against the prejudices of society for being single to 45 year old.

"Thanks to this award, we are driven to explore other paths and future projects related to teaching digital storytelling for entrepreneurs and in due course we will release more details about them ", Murcia limited.

For those interested in the topic, the awarding of the Latin Podcasts Awards (#LatinPodcast) can be seen from this link: https://bit.ly/32RuKaV.