“I know we're tired of politicians, but there are also important advances that can be lost if we do not exercise our right to vote”

Jaime Guevara, candidate for deputy for the Legislative Assembly of the Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation party ( FMLN). Photo: Courtesy.

By Yaneth Estrada 

The Savior –  Jaime Guevara deputy for the department of Morazán, north of the Salvadoran territory, FMLN candidate, provided information on how party politics was born for him, the problems and commitments that must be acquired when occupying a seat in the Legislative Assembly for the period 2021-2024

In this way, he also expressed his concern for a dictatorship in the country and the constant attacks that the left is receiving institutionally.

How do you get into politics? 

To talk about how I got to politics, I want first to say that I come from the military in social organizations in the department of Morazán, particularly in youth organizations I have also been a founding member of a youth organization here in the department.

I arrived at the FMLN in the 2000, First, I am a militant, and later, after major changes and attacks to the left, I decided to participate as a candidate for deputy for the department of Morazán.

Jaime Guevara candidate for deputy for the FMLN party. Photo: Courtesy.

Why are you running for the FMLN? 

I am a FMLN candidate for many reasons, particularly because I'm a man act like he thinks. I also identify with the history of our party, with the struggle of our peoples and all that trajectory that the left has had in the country, which comes to bear as a fruit the constitution of the FMLN, first as an instrument of armed struggle, until the political-electoral struggle then the signing of The Peace Accords. All that history allows me, with all solvency and with all joy represent them.

As you all know, we had to suffer the last defeat in the elections for deputies and mayors., then the presidential elections so that somehow a reflection would be made within the party, and all that forced, somehow, to advance, for example, the internal elections, to choose our local authorities, departmental and national, then the good bases took a more leading action within the party, and new authorities are elected, where a good part is constituted by young men and women ideological political conformation, with deep convictions to advance the left, our instrument of struggle and some decisions are made that consider them very important, such as giving power to the bases, that is something very transcendental, because it talks about the democracy that is practiced within a political party, other than that, make a decision to let for the first time in history our party will run out of lines, let the base decide, and that has to do with choosing the candidate of your choice and we went to internal actions.

This is how I get to participate in internal, the rank and file give me their support and I am the most voted candidate for deputy in the department of Morazán, and the bases lead me to be in the box 1 by my department.

That democratic process was very, very interesting for me, because for the first time the bases were deciding and it is because of that confidence of the bases that I am here now.

Jaime Guevara, FMLN deputy, a few hours before the end of the electoral campaign.
Photo: Courtesy.

What are the main problems of the department of Morazán? 

Underdevelopment, poverty, the infrastructure, low levels of education, the desnutrition, access to health, mainly in the north of the department, few young people finish high school and even fewer can go to university.

Equally, we depend on traditional agriculture for subsistence and that must change, to try to generate some income, we also have the climate crisis or environmental problem, where even though we are a geographically area with many mountains, tropical and cool, in the north we have a serious water crisis and a dry corridor.

From their perspective, Is there a systematic attack on the opposition in the country? 

I believe that the intention of these attacks, it is more to remove a political electoral ‘slit’, aiming to wear down the left, where its main instrument is the FMLN and that we cannot deny.

Sincerely, I think this is very unfortunate, because we are offering lives, for a constant hate speech, that comes from the Executive, and all his officials, supported by the Army and the Police, we already lived that before, and it had a painful balance for the country.

Political crimes return, because the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) already assured in his investigation into the murder of 2 FMLN militants, that they are MINSAL employees, government employees, this was only seen in war, and the FMLN is the target of all those attacks, more the media, but we are in resistance, faced a new envestida of power before representing by ARENA (oligarchic right), and a new right, now a right ulta, I would say.

We can also say, that the FMLN has a notary adversary, The president of the Republic, that is born from our ranks, and part of its officials, and without a doubt, they want at all costs to disappear the ideology of the left, our vision, as in the whole region, However, we must remember that this is not new, and that in history the FMLN fought hard against the oligarchic right, until reaching the Presidency through democratic means, and now we are facing an emerging economic class that seeks capital, privatize, backsliding on human rights, labor, democracy, social politics, AFP exploitation of the environment… 

Photo: Courtesy.

What are your main proposals? 

As part of our commitments, we are talking about the fact that we are going to have a permanent accompaniment to the different sectors of society, which is something that did not weigh, because we have had the bad habit of reaching the territory only in campaign times and we have said, that one of the commitments to be a deputy is to be close to the community, to the neighborhoods, to the colonies. Have something systematized to accompany the different sectors: Indigenous villages, women, youth, peasants and ex-combatants.

For this sector, we will try to promote a modification to the law, because when the veteran dies the benefits are lost, and they ask that if they die they reach their relatives.

Another commitment, is not having jurisdiction, which is an attribution as an attribution of the deputies, But we want to be transparent and stop using the jurisdiction so that if someone commits a crime, the full weight of the Law is applied to them..

 Likewise, accompany the management so that new careers are incorporated at the UES headquarters in the department, currently has 4 technical careers of 3 years, but we want to incorporate 3 more, what are biology, Engineering in Agroindustries and the third degree in Archeology. At the same time of not giving a vote in favor of privatization and maintaining social programs, what should we say, It is an achievement of the 2 FMLN governments and the ratification of the Convention 147 of ILO.

 Despite the climate of apathy, it is necessary to go out to vote next 28 February? 

It is important that the Salvadoran people, go out to vote and defend democracy.

I know we're tired of politicians, but there are also important advances that can be lost if we do not exercise our right to vote.

Photo: Courtesy.


Is there a dictatorship in El Salvador? 

We cannot speak that there is a dictatorship installed in the country, But I can say with certainty that a dictatorial government is being prepared and there is a prelude, that a government that is institutionalized, a dictatorship.

Ministers have plenty of arrogance, the arrogance, that is nothing more than a dictatorship, a plan that seeks to install a political, military and economic regime, of a new emerging economic power (far right) that comes from the east. And of course, that there is a very clear intention, very evident of establishing a dictatorship in the country.