violence shooting in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain. 14-8-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @mossos
By Dennis Aguillón

Four violent incidents have been registered in a week in Barcelona. In the first facts, two men were stabbed in different places within hours of each other, in the same district of Barcelona Ciutat Vella.

The first was registered in the La Ribera neighborhood, where a man was seriously injured. The police report indicates that his life is not in danger and the aggressor has not been captured.

The second event happened in the La Barceloneta neighborhood, in this case the aggressor was arrested and the victim was not seriously injured, however both were transferred to a hospital.

Local police reported the death of a Swedish woman from 46 years, They investigate the death and according to preliminary data, everything indicates that it was a homicide.

The deceased was found on public roads under the trailer of a truck in Saints-Montjuïc. His body was under the vehicle, according to witnesses.

Hours before, the same police reported another homicide, this time it was a man of 30 years of Georgian origin. The event occurred in the La Mina neighborhood. The cause of death was a brutal beating that originated from a group fight.

The man was taken to a hospital, but hours later he died as a result of the blows and a wound with a knife.

Until now, in these last two cases the police have not detained, but the investigations continue their course to find the authors.

Violence is rampant in the streets of Barcelona, the criminal acts rose a 9% and robberies with violence a 35% in the first semester of 2019, according to the Catalan authorities.

Barcelona, Spain. 14-8-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @mossos