She covered herself in a friend's blood and pretended to be dead: This is how a girl managed to get out alive from the shooting in Texas

The girl, luckily she is alive, survived the attack, although she was seriously injured, is in recovery in a hospital, out of danger.

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U.S – a girl from 11 years old he used his creativity to survive when he noticed that one of his friends had been hit by a bullet during the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Miah saw her friend covered in blood and smeared it on her to make it look like she was dead., her aunt Blanca Rivera pointed out. The girl had bullet fragments in her back., but she was already discharged from the hospital.

The girl Kendall appears in the center of the initial photo with the faces of all the children that began to circulate after the massacre in Uvalde, the photo on social networks continues to circulate, but many publish it among the deceased children, luckily she is alive, survived the attack, although she was seriously injured, is in recovery in a hospital, out of danger.

There are also testimonies of children who experienced terror at school, were disclosed by the American news network NBC, in which they report that they were in a panic because they did not know what was happening inside the school, the day of the attack.

the attacker, identified as Salvador Ramos, he was a young American who was shot dead by the police, after he killed two teachers and 19 children, from between 7 Y 10 year old.

“We have a door in the middle, [the attacker] opened it. then he walked in, he crouched down a bit and said “It's time to die”, has a minor 9 years.

“when he shot, it was so loud it hurt my ear. When I saw the bullet on the ground, i knew it was real”, add.

“And when I heard the shots through the door, I told my friend to hide under something so he wouldn't find us..

“The cops said 'say help if you need help'. One of the people in my class asked for help. The man heard. Came in and shot him. And then the cops burst into the classroom and he [the attacker] he shot them, so the cops started shooting him”, recounts the child.

In the end he and his friend managed to escape when the police took control of the situation.. “I just opened the curtain and then I just put my hand out and walked out with my friend., because I knew it was the police when I saw the armor and the shield”, Explain.

Children also remember how teachers tried to protect their classmates. “They were good teachers and stood in front of my classmates to help save them.”, told CBS the minor.

It was about Irma Garcia, of 46 years and Eva Mireles, of 44 years. They had been working together for five years..

The motive for the attack on Robb Elementary School, which has about 600 students, of which almost 90% are Latino and around the 87% comes from economically disadvantaged families.

For its part, the White House announced that President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will visit the city of Uvalde this Sunday., Texas, after the mass shooting at an elementary school that left 19 children and 2 lifeless teachers.