“sardines” They are seeking to stop the ultra-right in Italy

By Engelbert Pérez Maldonado

Protests in recent weeks in Chile's youth demonstrated against the increase to the passage of the subway, they surprised the world because the violence that took place left dead and hundreds injured.

In Italy, instead, the surprise of the recent protests was that young Italians took to the streets to protest against violence, especially given the social networks and is caused by the political parties in the European country, organized by a unique group.

The idea of ​​going to the streets to peacefully protest arose among four friends: Mattia Santori, Andrea Garreffa, The traps Giulia y Roberto Morotti, then he left social networks and became reality.

The group autonombró “sardines”, hence the plasma design a little fish in a square. Santori explained that the name arises because the fish is helpless and small, and to resist marine hazards have to join with others of their species, into a large shoal.

“We wanted to be united among a few hundred or a couple thousand, and the result was that in the Plaza Mayor of Bologna, the 14 November there were about 15 thousand”, said Italian.

euphoric, the initiators say that the first were themselves surprised, to seeing the first manifestation it exceeded all expectations and slogans did not respond to any political party and no flag was more than just fish.

The peaceful demonstration was broadcast live by local media. As he spread, the movement, exceeded four times the simultaneous call the far right “The League” with its controversial leader Matteo Salvini, effected in another place in the same city.

That night was presented to the candidate Borgonzoni Lucia in Bologna, main city of Emilia Romagna region, as the main contender for the gubernatorial elections to be held next 26 from January.

although “sardines” They said they will not be added to any political party, in its first peaceful demonstration they have shown rejection “The League” with posters and shouting, and as Italian media, They seek to counter the extreme right.

The “Pacific sardines” now is a phenomenon in Italy and Europe. In the first two demonstrations in Bologna and Modena they coincided with activities “The League”.

Although expected their actions were limited to the region of northeastern Italy, now they will spread throughout the Mediterranean peninsula, organizing events everywhere.