11 August, 2022

San Francisco emergency coronavirus. Are registered 15 Where E.E.U.

VD reference picture, Ricardo “That” Gutiérrez, Washington DC

By Carmen Rodriguez, Washington DC

The mayor of one of the most important cities in California, London Breed, He declared a state of emergency in the city, after health authorities US, is inevitable warned that the spread of the virus in the country.

On Wednesday, authorities confirmed 15 cases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC for its acronym in English), the last patient diagnosed, It does not have a history of relevant travel or exposure to another patient who has contracted the virus.

One day before, The CDC warned that the spread of the virus in the country, could be communally; therefore, measures and controls to detect the virus, they increased.

According to the CDC, Community spread of the virus, means that it begins to move through a community and the source of the infection is unknown.

But also, exists the possibility that the latter patient, identified in Solano City, in California, it has been exposed to a traveler who returned to the country, I was infected with the virus and was not reported as such.

Although there are no reports of cases in major cities and high population density, as New York City, Washington DC or San Francisco, local authorities as the mayor of this city decided to step forward, a possible spread of the disease as already warned the CDC.

By far the reaction of the population is passive. While some authorities consider emergency speak before the virus is detected, the citizens of the East Coast are not alarmed.

President Trump, He named on Wednesday afternoon to Vice President Mike Pence, as the team responsible for monitoring and action by the coronavirus.