3 December, 2022

Samuel, first child born this 25 December at Women's Hospital

Samuel, He is the first child born on 25 from December to 2021 at National Women's Hospital

Karen, the happy mother who gave birth to Samuelito, the first baby born on 25 December in El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior –  The clock struck 12:07 Early Morning Saturday 25 from December to 2021, and Karen Cruz, gives birth to her son Samuel at the National Women's Hospital, becoming the first baby to arrive in the world in El Salvador within the framework of the Christian celebration of the birth of the Child Jesus.

A tradition that is resumed in the hospitals of the country's public network in which the mother not only receives the blessing of the arrival of her child, but also symbolic awards given for being the first to give birth on this important date of the year.

“Welcome to the world Samuel and congratulations Karen for this Christmas gift!”, the hospital authorities expressed after giving the news to the happy mother.
Other boys and girls who were born in the first minutes of 25 December in other hospital centers were also awarded.
In the early morning of 25 December at 12:07 Samuelito is born, the first Christmas child in El Salvador. Photo: Courtesy.