Salvadorians come together to support families affected by coronavirus in Long Island

VD photos: courtesy Cecilia Martínez.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

In the midst of the pandemic and the thousands of positive cases recorded in recent days in the United States, a group of altruists Salvadorans came together to help families in need of Long Island, a New York.

The group of ten Salvadorans, He has spent time in recent days to collect aid, food packages among the Latino community to deliver them to families suffering from the economic blow of the health emergency, caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

According to Cecilia Martinez, of the support group amid crisis, until now, They have managed to bring food and food parcels to some 200 families, including families who report to one of its members to the coronavirus positive.

The work that this group of Salvadorans led by Luis Mendez, Yokasta Arriaza and Cecilia Martínez has been supported by Latino organizations such as the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, who gave food, as part of the support.