Salvadorans may return to their country amid quarantine

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Salvadorans who have been trapped or stranded in other countries, Salvadoreño after the government ordered quarantine in the country and closed the borders and airport, They may return home.

Wednesday night, Members of the Legislative Assembly approved a temporary order to facilitate the return of Salvadorans who were unable to return because of the measures taken by the health crisis, caused by coronavirus.

Salvadoran authorities, They have not confirmed the number of citizens who are stranded or remained outside the country, Following the measures taken against the health crisis and pandemic.

According to the decree approved, Salvadoran authorities should provide in the coming days the return of citizens and also allow the entry of these at land borders and international airport.

But nevertheless, health protocol established by the authorities and mandatory quarantine should be applied to all those who return to the country in the next few days.

Until now, the country has set up several centers, in different cities, in which are kept at a 2 thousand people who entered the Salvadoran territory amid the coronavirus pandemic and are under observation.

The country confirmed until Thursday morning 42 covid-positive cases and two dead people 19, medical complications related to the disease.